Wednesday, August 31, 2011

South Wayne Communtiy Bridge Topped Out !

Well it has been quite a process but Alex and I have finally topped out the South Wayne Community Bridge Project!

Alex did not believe me when I told him of this tradition and how it was necessary to show respect to Mother Nature for all the trees that were harvested to produce this fine bridge, but now he knows and understands. We have finished the gable ends and lookouts to trim out the bridge and give it some style. She's a beauty!

Harry Seffrood, a local South Wayne roofer has offered to install the roof boards and cedar shingles and we welcome the help and community participation to finish off the project. They will be doing the work in the next few weeks. In the mean while we get to clean up and enjoy the structure with the natural lighting streaming in through the open roof. I have included a few pictures of the bridge from different angles for your viewing pleasure. Alex goes back to school tomorrow and I hope this experience gives him plenty to talk about and he can look back upon how he spent part of the summer of 2011. He's a worker (if you can get him to put down his sell phone) :-) !

Well the experience has been as they say "priceless" and I look forward to taking a break for a week or two from bridge building and shift to cutting mitered dovetail joints to help a local fella restore a 150 year old log cabin. Should be some serious fun!

Want to pass on some stats to those of you who have been following this blog and progress of the South Wayne Community Bridge Project.

Can report that there have been over 1600 views of the blog and people from 17 countries have looked at the blog. It has been a pleasure learning, building and blogging about this project. I will continue blogging with the log cabin restoration and then later this fall begin another 32 foot Town Lattice bridge that will go on my own land. It will be on one of the walking paths that lead to the log cabin I built in 2004. Gee this is fun!

Puzzler - What will be next?
Tech Vocab - Topping Out, Look Outs, Gable Ends, Rake End, Fascia, Lateral Bracing

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