Thursday, August 27, 2020

Cabin #6 - No turning back now


The driveway and turn around is in. Plus the pathway that leads up to the cabin site.

Looking from the pathway on to the cabin site. The idea is to park vehicles away from the cabin and then walk the path to the cabin.

The slope of the site needed some significant gravel to level it off. This is because I did not want the back side of the cabin to be below grade.

2x6 forms were placed and then leveled up. 

Cabin #6 will be "citified" with electricity. The running of wires through log walls will require some drilling of holes to run the wires. When it comes to running wires from one wall to another that requires a conduit below the concrete pad the cabin will sit on.

The PVC conduit is level to the top of the slab. 1/2" re-bar will add to the fiberglass in the mix and strengthen the concrete. A 2x6 treated plate will be anchored to the slab and allow the logs to extend over the edge of the concrete. As an extra precaution a chainsaw groove will be cut in the bottom of the base log to prevent water from wicking. The porch extends 5 feet beyond the main cabin and this section will be sloped away 1" from the level of the main slab. The pipe in the picture is at cabin level and the front edge of the front form is dropped 1" for slope and drainage away from the main cabin.

7 am was pour time and went vey well as the cement truck was able to pull right up to the front of the forms and shoot the mix right where we needed it. 

Now it is back to the cabin. Drilling some wiring holes, ID # each of the roof beams and card the corners. Arrange some sleepers to place the logs on and begin the disassembly process.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kid Wind turbine 608 Joules


We first ran the turbine without the shroud with 5.2 m/s wind velocity and produced .547 amps, 17.8 volts through the 30 ohm resistor load for 30 seconds producing 293 Joules of energy.

Interesting -With the shroud in place and turbine in the wind tunnel the measured wind velocity was 5.8 m/s (thought it should be higher) then we took out the turbine and tested again.

Without the obstruction of the wind turbine we got a whopping 9.8 m/s wind velocity! Performance greatly increased to .785 amps 25.6 volts for 30 seconds worked out to 608 Joules. A team record!