Sunday, July 12, 2015

Finished Hornet

 Small quantities of resin at a time is a must as the working time of it is short after the hardener is added.

The resin is painted on over the fiberglass mesh that was stapled to the Hornet. The resin will soak into the mesh and when hardened provide a water proof protection to the carving.

Now all Jim has to do is give the Hornet a good coating of paint and it will be ready for school to start!

New cabin owners want the door on the side so had to cut some filler logs to make this a window. Getting ready to disassemble and move the cabin at the end of July.

Have layed out and bored the mortise for the Jacobson cabin. Sue should be able to finish the rafters in a weekend and then start the foundation work at her site.

Other than that just been goofing off.