Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One down 107 to go...?

To paraphrase, Even the longest of Town Truss's begins with a single trunnel!

Monday was a long day. We started off slow but then picked up speed as Alex got his trailer and we loaded on truss number two in Darlington.
 After unloading at the South Wayne site we started laying chord layers one and two on the cribbing.
During the driving of each trunnel we supported the area with a nice adjustable brace leg that I made for this task. Alex questioned my methodology and I gave him the quote from tfguild.org member Mcarthy or Beemer , "perfect is good enough". Stopped him dead in his tracks, he didn't know what to think or say?!
So there you have it. We got the first three layers pinned. A good days work! Can only imagine the possibilities that are ahead for Alex. Remember when during the first days of school people asked you, "Hey, what did you do over the summer...?"

Puzzler - Actually how many individual trunnels will be driven to assemble just one truss? Remember the process of pinning the first two layers with a 4" trunnel and then each following layer with a trunnel 2 inches longer. This is tricky but you will need to know this when you call Judy Northcott and place the trunnel order for your bridge.

Tech Vocab - Layers, Cribbing, Trunnels, Greasing

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