Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Log Cabin Window Frames

Well it has been a few months since me last post so I just want to report on the progress to date.

Installed the window frames today. These are made by ripping in half some 6x6 pine timber that I had. The halves are then surfaced flat and smooth resulting in a nice 3x6. A 2 inch wide dado groove 1 - 1/2" deep is then cut into the stiles to hold the wall logs. This system worked very well on the front logs going into the door posts. For now spacers will hold the green logs in position. As the logs dry out and shrink adjustments will be made as necessary.

So you can see after the first three rounds of logs now length requirements will change from 12' and 16' to 5 feet for the front wall, 6 feet for the side wall and 4 and 6 feet for the back wall. The top of the door and windows are at 7 feet. So for the next 4 rounds I will be looking for log lengths that will make multiple wall logs at a time. Saving full length logs for rounds that will go above the openings and make the upper story, sleeping loft of the cabin.

So back to hewing logs for awhile.