Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On to truss #2 ...

Alex suggested that we use a running gear pulled by his prize John Deer tractor to take the parts for truss #2 from the COOP to the bridge site. And that's just what we did. Worked great!
Although it took us most of the morning to re-set the cribs that provide support for truss #2  parts as they are re-assembled. We got a good start and after a morning of rain were able to get the first four layers in place.
Alex has a good grip on the Town Lattice truss re-assembly process and here has laid his first layer of Bottom Outside Chord pieces.
So tomorrow we should finish up driving the rest of the trunnels and then it will be on to raising those pesky Gin Poles. Who would have ever thought raising these would present such a challenge. Great problem solving challenge though.

Puzzler - How would you raise the 25 foot Gin Poles by hand? Any sailboat sailors out there?

Tech Vocab - Running gear, Abutment sizing, Truss bracing placement.

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