Monday, December 14, 2015

Closing in the Cabin

Cabin owner Tim, on the roof. You can see 2" foam sheet on top of the 2x6 tongue and groove roof boards. The tin sheets are screwed down to make a nice roof sandwich.

Finished roof all trimmed out and connected to the existing cabin to the right.

Lucked out on the weather for this project for sure. This is December!

 Detail showing the nice fit of the boards to the logs in the passage between the two cabins.

Windows trimmed out in the cabin. Three inches of space was left above each window frame for log shrinkage.

Sofit boards in place but need to be trimmed out on end along roof perlin. This overhang is all storage /loft space.

The cabin for the mother-in-law is located just across the yard from the main house. A bit more finish work and she should be able to move in by the new year.