Friday, November 29, 2013

Looks like serious fun

Well I have thrown caution to the wind again and secured logs for the building of another cabin.

Not much to look at now but when I get them racked up and pealed these two piles of pine logs should make a fine cabin and provide me with many hours of serious fun this winter!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shooting range right on target

Got the post holes dug yesterday for the shooting range table just before the frost set in. This set up allowed me to place the target rewind wheel so that when shooting you can bring the target back to you without leaving your shooting spot. Very nice.

I also hinged the table surface so that it can be dropped down when not in use.  By pulling a pin in the front post from under the center support arm the table swings down. This will prevent snow and ice from sitting and freezing to the top surface.

Ready, aim, fire!     Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 15, 2013

The bullet stops here

Now that the steel house roof is done I can get to work on some of the "fun projects" that had to be put off.

A new shooting range back stop. Made from used railroad ties. This is a nice improvement over the log wall backstop that I had before.

The design is simple but very strong with deeply cut notches forming the joints between the three ties that make up each side.

The steel bullet trap on the left will be used for paper target shooting. I plan to design and built a target pulley and cable system here so that paper targets can be reeled back and forth.  The right side will be for self-setting steel targets and glass bottles! Will be putting some leftover roof steel below and use the plastic barrel to collect the broken pieces. Just a few more ties needed to bring the back stop to full height.