Monday, July 11, 2011

Table Reset...

Alex is back from vacation and we have begun the process of removing the clamps.
There is no turning back now. After some careful study and explaining how the layers and individual pieces of each layer are identified it was off the to the races and we had the clamps off in no time.
Each chord layer has a letter ID. Assembly will start on the left when viewed from the bottom chord.
Using the playing card system the ends of all butt joints are ID. Each piece is also stamped on each end with it's layer number with a steel stamp. Hopefully the pieces will be kept in their own layer piles during the finishing process!
And here you have it, table re-set and ready for truss number two. In the background you can see the pre-finished material ready to go. Tomorrow Alex and I will have a go at it!

Puzzler - What could go wrong?
Tech Vocab - Falsework, Annual Rings, Bow, Parallel Clamps, Blocking, Camber, Sawing to the Kerf

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