Wednesday, July 20, 2011

South Wayne Truss 2 done

All went well and truss 2 is now done. Four days to layout, cut, clamp and drill. Not bad if I do say so myself!
This time the parts were pre-finished. At the left you can see the wheel borrow full of chips that
were produced from the holes that were drilled!

Along those lines I can tell you that I did a test and drilled one of the holes through the full six layers and can tell you that it took 8 minutes and about 150 revolutions of the auger to do the job. Drilling all the holes by hand, in one truss would take over 14 hours!

The Hole Hawg does the job in about 1 minute. With all the time I saved I will spend the next 10 days in Chester, New Hampshire working on a 24 foot covered bridge at Wason's Pond.  This project is being done by the Timber Framers Guild. Should be a good time and lots of serious fun!

Puzzler - What kinds of new things will I learn in the next 10 days?
Tech Vocab - Pratt Truss

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