Sunday, July 3, 2011

Clamp Fest !

When Milton spoke of using several hundred clamps in the process of building his bridges I was surprised. Now I realize he wasn't kidding. Shown above is nearly a "full set" of clamps required at at each butt joint assembly in the truss chords. Missing is the clamp that would is placed to the left of this group. The clamp would squeeze the inside and outside chords and web together (all six layers).
With all the truss chords clamped and cambered it was time to install the end verticals and wall rail that the Secondary Rafters will be attached to. This will prevent any "racking" of the bridge.

And here you have it! Signed sealed and nicely clamped. The casual observer may not realize the importance of the location of each and every clamp. All 101 of them! Each clamp must not interfere with the false work, another layer clamp or soon to be drilled trunnel hole. Lots to think about and plan for.

Puzzler: Here is my "helper" can you figure out what his job is when I am "sawing to the Kerf"?

Tech Vocab - Parallel Clamp, Edge Clamp/12", Surface Clamp/4", Layer Clamp/12", Diagonal Clamp/19", Wall Rail Clamp/23" Threaded Rod

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