Thursday, April 15, 2021

Treehouse main frame complete


So with some head scratching I came up with this orientation for the 3/4 BCX flooring. Going this way minimized the scrap and only left two areas that I need to reinforce with 2x4 back-up pieces. 

Turned out nice. All pieces are numbered as to the corner post they are on for easy reassembly.

The posts were re-installed with the change in the way the top 2x12 was placed. Before there was a 2x4 held with pocket screws placed between the posts. This was needed to provide wood for the top nail flange of the window. The top 2x12 was then lapped inside each post. This sandwiched the window flange. Bad design. The new design called for the top 2x12 to be butt between the posts. A nail plate was screwed to the inside and this worked well.

And there you have it. Weighing in at 995 pounds of main frame. Now I will go to work building the elevator frame. With elevator frame I can better gauge the pitch of the roof to get the overhang that will work best to handle the winch placement.

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