Friday, April 17, 2020

Shed Workshop Part 4 Picture Day

So in with the windows. Four nice basement units that open and with screens! One in three to go. Thanks to my friend Jerry for the suggestion and lead on these from Menards. I was going with just some ol' unframed thermo panes. These will open and let in some air as well as the light. Simple 2x4 frame and then some aluminum trim. Will flash the top with steel that matches the shed color when it gets here

View from the outside of the shed. The windows face the south so the flashing will have a 8 inch overhang to cut down on the direct rays of the sun heating up the workshop in the summer. I hope.

Three inches of fiberglass insulation on the two interior walls.

Then cover the insulation with 1/2" OSB. This will be painted and make a nice place to hang tools.
Notice the clean space. This workshop will never look like this after today as I start the process of placing the machines and tools.

One more set of shelves to add and then can start the process of moving tools and machines into the area. Plan to spray foam the two outside walls and the ceiling. Then after I decide on the machine placement I will wire up the outlets.

Will be going back to work on Cabin #6 now and post a picture or two of the finished workshop after the machinery is in.

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