Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Shed Workshop Part 3

So with the post and beam system up it was time to stud in the 40 foot wall. I like the look of the braces so I will use 2x4's for the wall and this way the post and beams will stick out 3 inches after the 3/4" sheathing is nailed on.

The 10 foot sliding doors for this wall are made out of insulated garage door panels. The Amish around here use them around the perimeter of their green houses to stop the frost. At $.95 a square foot pretty good price and make a nice looking door. With the rail system I got I had to cut out a pocket on the inside of the door and put in a 2x6 piece to hold the adjusting screws coming down from the rollers. I assembled the doors on sawhorses but lifting them up by myself was going to be a challenge.

Nice door! My new continuous rope come along did the trick again. Once I had it up and off the sawhorses I could roll it into place on a couple of broom sticks.

Getting the rail attached and level was the next problem to solve and went quite well. The corner area and framing for the door made a perfect place for a time capsule and I took full advantage of the space. I just put screws in to hold the cover piece and will note that so maybe in 10 or 15 years it can be opened to read about what was going on in April of 2020 and more can be added. Like a  living time capsule.

Last but not least the passageway door for the workshop. This will be used only in the heating season otherwise the door and two 10 foot sliding doors will be open to keep the air flowing and make the space more open and usable.

And as an added bonus I got 600 square feet of new storage space above the workshop.
Next up will be the wiring, lights and four windows in the South outside wall.

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