Monday, May 4, 2020

Back to Log Cabin Work

Let the chips fly! Five rounds of logs up here, but have made steady progress and round six is also done. Will have to do some THINKING now and plan for the rounds at the top of the door and windows.

Lots of ax work makes lots of chips.

So I did a little clean up. Three piles, one for the bark and shavings that will be burned. The other two are for the chips from the half dovetails and the other is for the slabs that are split off. The slabs will for the wood stove next winter after they dry out. All this was helpful in the early spring as it kept down the mud as the ground thawed out, but then it became a pain to walk over and had to go.

Scaffolding is working nicely. I am looking forward to reaching the top of the door and windows. Then I will be back to using full length logs that will tie the walls together and I will be able the take off the inside braces that hold the door and window frames in place.

The full cabin will be nine rounds of logs. A few weeks ago I selected the 8 logs that will be used for the rounds above the door and windows. These had to be the full length of the cabin walls and I did not want to get confused and cut one of them for a short piece. This gets confusing when you have to think through the logs as each round has a start  (made up of 3 logs of different lengths) and a finish (made of four logs of different lengths) to it when you are working around the walls that have a door and windows.  Also the beams that will make the floor for the loft have to be placed in the round that is at the right height and need to run the narrow way (13' side) of the cabin.

The drawing helped but I think it best to model up the last rounds and label the logs with their numbers for the best results. We will see in the next few weeks.

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