Sunday, August 20, 2017

Welded Yard Art Class

Here are the very nice folks that took the Welded Yard Art class at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI this past weekend with all of their creations. They brought their "good junk" to the class and I worked with them to gain some welding skills and knowledge so they could make their dreams into... some very interesting critters! Pretty neat to make these things with your own hands and new skills.

I just have to say they were extremely good, hard working, dedicated learners and problem solvers and their projects say it all. We looked over the various welding machines and equipment. Then tried it. Then we reviewed, learned some more about the equipment and different processes. Then tried it some more and this continued for two "serious fun" filled days.

There was something for everyone and they took advantage of it all. Hopefully these new welders are reading this and can not only weld but gained some new knowledge along the way. Here is a list of welding things we covered. For each welding word rate yourself Beginner if you can tell one thing about the word, Advanced if you can tell two things related to the word and Proficient if you can tell three or more things about the word relating to your new welding skills.

Have some serious fun -


Cutting Torch
Cutting Tip
Welding Tip
MIG Welder
MIG Wire
MIG Welding Tip
Stick Out

Complete Circuit
Ground Clamp
Wire Speed Control
Angle of the torch
Travel Speed

Tank Regulator
Regulator Adjusting Screw
Working Pressure
Oxy Acetylene Cutting Torch
Oxygen cutting lever
Torch handle Needle Valves

 Arc Welding
Stick Electrode
Electrode Holder
Chipping Hammer
Welding Mask/Helmet
Wire Cutters
Brass Filler
Paste Flux

Oxy Acetylene Torch Welding
Oxy Acetylene Welding Torch Tip
Filler Metal
Bench Grinder
Hand Held Grinder
After the class was over I had a few scraps and in a couple of hours and knocked out this rotating piece in celebration of tomorrows eclipse. It shows a very neat shadow on the garage door when the sun hits it. Had fun and it was great working with you folks. Keep welding that "junk"!

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