Monday, August 28, 2017

Cabin progress - Top of windows

Getting to this point required a bit of a different approach to setting the logs for marking and cutting.
But here we are to the top of the windows and now it will be back to handling full length logs and the last three rounds should go a bit faster.

The ramps got longer as the wall got higher but the process of getting them on the wall was the same. Except - Prior to putting the log up a vee block had to be put on the free end by the window and a ladder holding a support board leveled to the wall height put in place. This had to be done on each side of the window frame. This supported the log so it could be rolled for notch cutting. This little process would have to be done about 40 times!

Once the log was up the end needed to be scribed to match the vertical window frame. I used a parallel piece to get this. The ends were full of square nails and caution was the watch word or bye bye chain saw blade.

The bottom picture needs to be rotated 90 degrees but you get the idea. I made a small screw type jack with about an inch of travel for fine adjustments and also to raise the logs to remove shims. Worked but needs some work to make it more stable.

So here we are at the top of the windows. two thirds of the walls up. Just 3 more rounds of logs to go.  And the loft, and the roof rafters and the porch and the gable end framing. Snap right?

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