Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cabin Window Framing

With the first three rounds of logs up it is time to build the frames for the windows. I wanted to make sure that after the frames were built the windows would fit so I bought a pair of them to build the frames around.

The rough sawn 2 x 8 boards that I had to work with were pretty rough and varied a lot in thickness and width. It was easier than I thought as I cut the vertical pieces first to control the window frame height and then cut the horizontal pieces to fit. They fit and open with no problems. Although the hinges may be a bit on the light side for the weight of the window and two latching closers will be needed.

OK first of the four double windows up on the wall. Amazing how the opening cuts in the logs were in the right places and close to width.

 A couple of pictures showing all the window frames in place and braced. Now it is back to work putting up logs. This time the challenge is to hold the end of the log that does not sit on a wall. These can be a problem, especially the longer ones as you have to roll them over to make the cut on the bottom side. Takes time and planing. Three more rounds of logs and I should be to the top of the windows.

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