Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cabin walls down

With the roof trusses and perlins down it was time to start on the log walls. You can see the playing cards stapled to the ends of each log. These will be crucial to making a smooth re-assembly of the logs. All members of the team have been informed that removing any playing card is a hanging offense!

The logs will be picked by a set of log tongs and Bobcat. This worked great!

Another step along the way was to mark the log location at the notch with a wire fence staple. This was done to insure exact replacement when re-assembling.

Also on the wall just behind Cara you can see a yellow paint stripe. This marks the center location of a window opening that will be cut into the wall after the cabin has been re-assembled. This is needed because as the wall logs are placed 7/8" diameter holes will be drilled into the logs and 3/4" wooden pegs will be inserted. These will pin the logs together but allow them to slip down as the logs dry and shrink.

The Bobcat is making short work of the walls of the cabin.

Taking up the floor and loading the short pieces on a second trailer was the last step.

And then the cabin was gone! Now we head off to Scale Mound to unload and stage the rafters, logs and other cabin parts so we can begin building a log cabin for real.

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