Monday, December 8, 2014

Rafter trusses up

The first one went up nicely with the help of my trusty yard arm, chain fall and block and tackle. After raising, the bottom chord had to be scribed and notched to the cabin wall so that the center line of it was 80" from the cabin floor. This gives me a 6' - 2" head clearance in the cabin.

The front truss would be last to go up.

I built some false work between the cabin and scaffolding with two inch material to support the truss members for assembly. (At 20 to 25 pounds per linear foot of log the whole truss would weigh between 1000 and 1250 pounds! This would require more than my simple yard arm.)

Using the chain fall to start the lift then an assist was added with a cable that ran through a pulley attached to the middle truss peak and down to a winch mounted to the floor of the cabin.

With the three roof trusses up and fitted to the cabin wall now it is back to the gable end and roof perlins. This will be a tricky process as each gable end log that intersect with a perlin will need to be scribed and cut to fit.

First two perlins in place with a gable end log ready to be lifted up and scribed to fit. Hope the weather cooperates.

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  1. Very impressive Dick. Hope you can get it closed in before the snow really flies. Greetings from Maine. Michael