Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cabin building Safety. THINK! What's the worst that could happpen?

A few years back I took a field trip to see the wind turbines they were putting up in Monfort, WI. 
While waiting in the construction trailer I saw a sign that read, "Safety, THINK! What's the worst that could happen?" An odd statement but when I stood next to the blades/hub assembly seeing the size of these things up close and personal it made sense.

As a former high school shop teacher I know the value of learning and sharing what you learn. Especially when it comes to safety and a "close call event" when working on anything. I know and respect the dangers of log handling in building my fourth log cabin. However, there is always more to learn...

Ugh! This could have been bad, very bad.

The eye hook stripped out and the log dropped from the top of the cabin. I had taken many safety precautions in using the chain fall and raising the logs. THINK! What's the worst that happen? However using a safety strap was not one of them.

It is now though!

Just thought I would share and pass along my "close call event". Note: the eye hook is necessary to be able to set the logs in place on the wall. A strap alone would not work as it would be trapped under the log as it was placed on the wall.

At this point I have 4 of the 6 purlins up and 2/3's of the gable end logs in place. One more pair of purlins to scribe in and then place the ridge log and the cabin will be roughed in.


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  1. A longer eye bolt might have made the difference. Live and learn. So long as no one got hurt it was only a lesson.