Friday, June 24, 2011

Time to go, "All in" as the say in poker

The kiln dried wood for the lattice trusses of the South Wayne bridge project #4 arrived today!
The wood for one truss was dropped off at the COOP in South Wayne where it will be stained. The material for the other truss, pictured above, was brought to Darlington where it will be cut, fit, clamped, drilled and carefully numbered. Then the pieces will be taken to the bridge site, assembled and raised. Then the process will be repeated for the second truss, but the parts will be stained before final assembly.

Material List for One 32' long, 8' high, Town Lattice Truss  (lattice 4' O.C.)

4 - 2x4's - 20' long
6 - 2x10's - 10'
21 - 2x10's - 16'
3 - 2x10 - 20'
4 - 2x12 - 8'
4 - 2x12 - 12'
10 - 2x12 - 16'
4 - 2x12 - 20'

Did a little scale test and can tell you that it looks like the dried pine is coming in at around 2 pounds per board foot. This makes the big boy 20' 2x12's used in the chords of the truss weigh in at 80 pounds a piece!

This coming week will be a busy one as I work to assemble the first real size lattice truss. Wish me luck and keep watching.
Puzzler - Can you tell what the first step in the process was? Why?

Tech Vocab - Annual rings - Cup - Crown - Sawing to the Kerf

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