Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rookie mistake...

 The day started out great! Alex called and said he wanted to start applying the finish to the bridge material we had stored at the COOP in South Wayne. Alex got there before I arrived. He was set-up and already working (in the trades they refer to workers like Alex as "keepers") when I got there!
Oh, oh... 

I should be flogged and then keel hauled! Thinking (or actually not thinking). I believed it would be a good idea to store the green rough sawn lumber inside at the COOP. Stickering the boards would allow for air flow and drying. So they would not mildew. I should have known better. As you can see in the pictures above that did not work. With no direct sunlight and little air circulation in the closed shed the fresh sawn green pine did it's thing. This would need to be corrected.

Using a wire brush and then rolling on a 75% bleach 25% water solution and putting them in the sun to bake would do the trick.
A lot of extra work. Note to self: In the future green wood is stickered and stored outside until finish is applied.

Puzzler - How would you design and layout the camber for the bridge?

Tech Vocab - Chord, Circumference, Concentric, Arc, Rise, Diameter, Radius, Offset 

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