Monday, June 13, 2011

All hands on deck...

I guess that should be all hands on abutment not deck. Saturday morning and all three bridge building helpers were there anchoring the treated 2 x 12's that will act as a barrier between the concrete abutments and the bottom chords of the bridge trusses. This separation (I can never spell this word but my wife the teacher says there is "a rat" in the middle) will minimize moisture wicking up from the concrete and rotting away the untreated chord material.
Alex, Bruce and Lynnan installing some split/drive cement anchors.
After watching the process, Lynnan got right in to it. Next we'll be at the COOP applying the finish to the rest of the bridge material and then putting their math skills to work on the bridge false work in preparation for the camber and truss building.

Puzzler - How many gallons of finish will to take for the bridge project?

Tech Vocab - Split-Drive anchors, hammer-drill, Carbide-drill bit, portable generator

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