Monday, June 7, 2021

Floor Deck in place


So weighing in at about 75 pounds per section rigging and lifting the floor frame halves to the top in the correct orientation and getting them to clear the braces and supporting structure would be no small task. The question is how would you rig the lift? As shown here? We will call this Rig A

Or Rig B?

Or Rig C? If you said C then we could have used you when we did this.

After a few fits and starts the two halves where in place and screwed together. Although we had to resort to using a come-along to power the second half up and over the supports.

To help handle the upload forces that will occur the floor joists are secured to the main beam supports with  metal straps like this.

The 3/4 plywood flooring was then glued and screwed down to the floor joists.

And this is what it looks like from the ground. The last piece of flooring has to be left off for now to allow access so I can work on installing the elevator system. At that point the ladder will come down and the elevator will be used from then on to bring me and the parts top the top. Should be more fun than climbing the ladder.

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