Saturday, May 1, 2021

Window and Parts Delivery System


Would a window for the treehouse even fit through the opening? Well using a copy of the windows cross section profile, nailing flange and all it looks like it will just clear ("Just the way I planned it!").

So I designed a temporary platform with some 2x4's and scrap flooring that will serve as the base to place parts and windows on to be lifted up to the treehouse for assembly.

Successful test of the system with the a window.

So windows will be brought up then layed on the floor and tipped up from the inside and mounted. This method works like a charm and only the bottom nailing flange needs to be done on the outside with the window slid open.

 Last but not least would be fitting the roof membrane. I had ordered a 15' by 25' piece and wanted to make double dog sure that I could make it cover. A 1/8 scale model was made of the roof and membrane material. 

After thinking about it for a bit I realized that the distance from Side to Side of the hexagon was 14'. this would allow the required amount to cover the roof and fascia (again just as I planned). Measuring from Point to Point of the hexagon was around 18' because of the diagonal of the right triangle roof pieces. So the direction to run the roof material and which edge to start with was determined. The area of the roof hatch would be where the gathering of the 100 pound membrane piece would take place.  

OK. The piece fit and the overhang would be trimmed back a bit to make the final adjustments. A small piece would be required to cover the edge in front of the hatch. There would be plenty of material left to cover the hatch.

Since this is a pre-assembly step the edges of the membrane were left long and are only tacked in with 1/2" staples on the underside of the roof. This way I will have plenty of material to work with when I do the actual job when the treehouse is 30 foot in the air!

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