Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Cabin is in the details

 With the stairway to the loft complete and the loft floor in I had a platform to work off from to close in the area between the top of the cabin walls and the roof.

Note: The blue outlet boxes are for the circuits that will be ran to the 100 amp fuse box. This will be the next step in the process and some new learning as to how to recess the boxes and make the wire runs for the 6 individual circuits to power up the cabin.

The gap between the roof and top logs is the width of the 6x6 rafters and needs to be sealed and insulated well. Wiring to loft outlets and light fixtures will also be run in this space.

The first step was to cut and fit the bottom piece as shown on the right side in the picture. This required a bevel cut at an angle that matched the roof pitch. Next the vertical piece was fit so that it butted up against the bottom piece and also was beveled to match the pitch of the roof. The triangle area behind these two pieces will be filled with insulation and make a nice seal to keep out the cold.

View from the loft looking at the stair well. The gable end will be insulated and covered will 1x 6 tongue and groove pine boards.
Here is a picture looking up from the main cabin floor toward the bottom of the loft floor. There will be a railing along this edge but this area will be left open to the roof. A ceiling fan will hang down in this area and help move the air down from the ceiling.

Next, wiring, windows, doors and roof steel.

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