Friday, November 27, 2020

Roof is on. Cabin buttoned up for winter

 It took a few months but the electric service power is finally in. 

I have a new appreciation for electricity coming from the grid. Although a lot of time and effort went into planning the circuits, running the wires and hooking up the outlets, switches and lights it will be well worth it. No more noisy, polluting generator. Multiple convenience outlets to plug into with minimum extension cords. Very nice. Those against renewable energy power should have to go a few days with just a generator to power their house or business. 

So with 100 amp service and 6 circuits way over kill for a tiny 12 by 16 cabin with a loft but fun.

After some serious measuring and planning the roof tin and trim was ordered and shipped out in some nice protective box pallets (that they charge for but can be returned for credit) from Menards. Full length 16 foot sheets. Requiring 3" long screws because of the 2" of Styrofoam on the roof for insulation.

Pre-drilling the sheets for screws and using the half of the extension ladder with the hooks made the process of putting on the sheets tolerable. But roofing is still a "younger mans" job! 

Pictures of the cabin roof from the back and the front. Turned out very well. After putting on the ridge cap I now know what a turkey wishbone feels like. 

To help keep the snow and weather out over the winter I wrapped the cabin in plastic. This way I can heat it to take off the chill while I install the windows and door and do some trim work on the gable ends.

Happy Thanksgiving 


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