Sunday, June 21, 2020

Using every trick in the book

Let me just say, log cabin building is not for the faint of heart and when it comes to getting 150 pound 6x6 rafters up requires creativity and the use of every trick in the book.

The 6x6 timbers that I had cut a few years ago came in handy and will work nicely as the rafters for Cabin #6. The extension ladder made a nice ramp to pull the 150 pound rafters up and into place.

The birds mouth cuts in the rafters provide a good positive stop for the rafter. The layout for one of these is a bit tricky and requires some thinking. I used a 2x4 and made a full sized pattern. Then used the skill saw to make the cuts.

The requires a corresponding cut to be made in the top plate of the wall. Here you can see how the rafter and plate lock together. Making the installment of big heavy rafters like these easier as there is no chance that they will slip off the top plate while working on the top ends. A long screw will be used to anchor each rafters to the top plate.

The top ends of the rafters sit on the ridge beam. They were half lapped, drilled and will be pinned together. Here you can see the roofs large over hangs. 48" on the back side. 30" on the rake ends and 5 feet for the front porch. This will provide plenty of protection to the bottom logs from rain.

And here you have it.  June 21, 2020 Cabin #6 framed and topped out, ready for the next phase? Site preparation.