Friday, August 31, 2018

Library Quilt Frame Project

A few months ago a local quilter contacted me to see if I could make a frame to cover a quilt she made and donated to the Johnson Library in Darlington, WI. This quilt is special in that it is made of blocks that are individually signed by 45 local and area authors. How fitting for it to be in a library.

I said, sure and here are the pictures and construction story...

Cherry would be the wood of choice to match the existing wood work in the library. It came from Menards. One nice bundle.

Each piece individually wrapped. That should tell you something about the price.

The design took on a life of it's own in the project. It would be 90" wide and 60" high and 5.5" deep. The frame evolved to a simple frame with a 1/4" plexiglass grooved in. Making sure the quilt would fit inside and not touch the glass would be important. A model was in order and constructed out of 1 by 6 pine.

My design called for a cleat that the frame would sit on. It could be screwed to the wall and then the Frame placed on it and supported. Then just a few pocket screws in the top and it would be on the wall covering the quilt. The cleat, the small piece in front, was shaped so as to lock the frame bottom into it.

The driveway served as a good place for layout and pre-drilling of the screw holes.

All assembled. You can see a small section of glass I put in to get the feel for how it would look. Now  is was time to dis-assemble it, label all the corners and take it to be finished.

Three helpers and a couple of tall ladders and the end of another good project.

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