Thursday, November 2, 2017

Roof on Rear cabin

Steve and I got a little Amish help from Henry and Isaac and we got the rafters up, rake ends on and one side sheathed. Good days work.

The next day we put the sheathing on the other side.

The roofers came and made short work of the job finishing up the roof.

VERY NICE. Let it rain, let it rain!

Hung the 4" thick cabin door.

Lynn had some old 8" logs that were taken from an old barn that was in the family. She wanted to use them in the cabin somewhere. I hued one side flat and used them as floor joists for the loft.

Things are moving along nicely. Steve (Lynn's husband) and some helpers should get the porch floor built this week. They might also get the ceiling insulation up and maybe start putting the rough sawed  boards on the ceiling. Gable ends will be sheathed and boards put on as soon as the Z flashing get in. I will now get to work on laying out the stairs to the loft.

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