Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wind generator rebuild project complete

Decided to go with the "Big" blades now that the generator has been rebuilt!

I just hope the brake on my Enertech 1800 can handle the bigger blades! Just kidding. The "Big" blades are for a 1 Meg watt generator in Monfort, WI that was built about 10 years ago. Anyway getting the generator and brake back up on the tower and bolted on was just about all I could handle.

It took almost six months to get the unit back up and running. If you want to see all the details you can go back in the blog posts and see the whole story of the Enertcch 1800 rebuild. Now I will have some time to watch the construction of the 49 two megawatt wind generators that they are putting up this summer right here in Darlington, WI. 

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