Tuesday, November 8, 2016

No TV Tuesday Nov. 8

Well I voted for Gary Johnson in protest and have decided not to watch any of the election returns. So I'll blog a bit about some projects I am getting into as fall is in full swing.

First is another carving repair. This time for my Mother. A few years ago the tree trunk these Finches were carved on went to pieces so I took them home and grafted them into a new oak trunk that I cut out of my woods. For good measure I also fiber glassed the birds. Well after several more years I noticed the base of the new trunk was showing some rot and the carving was in real danger of falling over.

This time I made a new mounting plate out of 4 x 6 treated material. Then I wrapped the trunk in fiber glass. So now it is sealed up and should go the distance. New paint and they will be like new. Lets hope.

Then it was on to taking a few pictures of some of the "yard art" I have been building over the years for a class that I will be holding at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point next summer. Should be fun.

And lastly I have decided to crank up the bird feeder factory. These are the birds (3 for each feeder) a Finch, Cardinal and Bluebird that will be mounted on St Francis the monk holding a tray. These feeders are about 5 feet tall and require a lot of carving on the face, hands and feet. A few  years ago I ran into a junked out picnic table that was made out of 2" red cedar plank. Just what I needed for making the St. Francis feeders because it resists rotting. So now I am recycling it and putting it to use.

More pictures to come as I move along with the process.

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