Sunday, September 18, 2016

Badger ready to roll

The Bucky Badger carved in 2008 was one hot mess. After sawing it in half I could see that the repair would be a formidable one to say the least! It had been attacked by birds, rain and rot but, I had hopes for the rodent.

Rot removed after the shell had been reinforced with fiberglass drywall tape.

With the two halves reunited I could begin the process of fiber glassing them back together. It took about 5 yards of cloth, 2000 staples and two gallons of resin to do the job. I then went to work installing some 2 by 2's to build a framework inside that would be used to secure the shell to a base of treated 1 by 6 deck boards. Also 1/4" hardware cloth was fitted to the base to keep out any varmints that might be tempted to take up residence inside once the carving was placed back on site.

I also put together a nice collection of local publications for a time capsule and placed it inside the carving. Should make for an interesting read if the carving is ever worked on again in 30 years.

Several layers of oil base paint and details later and Bucky is ready to go home. Carved in 2008 and rebuilt in 2016 should now last another 30 years!

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