Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cabin reassembled

The weather has turned cool but the rain held off and with the help of a lift truck we made short work of resetting the roof trusses on the cabin walls. After bracing them up the perlins were pegged to them and the roof framing was done.
Tight quarters to work in with the horse barn on the left, cottage on the right and fence in back.

After lifting the truss the EM seal had to be applied.

Not a bad couple of days work for three guys. All things considered the reassembly went as planned.

With a tarp on to keep out any rain we now wait for the roof boards. Twelve foot long  2x6's tongue and groove pine planking will be laid from ridge to eave for the roof. Then 2" of Styrofoam insulation and steel roofing to finish it off before the snow!

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