Monday, July 15, 2013

Hodan Deck

The new project is a 20' by 24' deck project for the Hodan Center in Mineral Point, WI. Made good progress last week, have a look.

Nasty 20 degree slope on the back side of the deck made difficult work for the Bobcat and the guy drilling the holes for us.

Thought that drilling 18" diameter holes would help. Didn't work. More than half of the 24 holes were "a bit off" and required serious hand digging.

The area was all rock fill and hard packed clay! No picnic and tricky footing.

With the posts finally set it was time to trim them off to the required height so the final deck surface will be level to the sidewalk for wheelchair access.

We laid on a layer of fabric at this time that will be covered with rock to prevent future weed growth. This is being done now before the beams and joists that would certainly get in the way of the rock people.

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