Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deck continues piece by piece

Returning from vacation to find the rock had been carried in to cover the area below the deck was nice to see. This would help speed things along as we proceeded to the next step in the process.

Double 2x12 beams held in place with post connector brackets. Surprising stable and a lot less work then notching the posts.

Next the 2x10 floor joists placed 16" on center. These were toe nailed to the beams. The tricky part would be the small wedge shaped deck piece that would connect the main 20 by 24 deck to the sidewalk. For this we used a 6x6 beam and had to be careful with the post height to insure that the finished deck surface would be level with the sidewalk.

You can see the dreaded gap! After several calculations, checks and re-checks...

 Mission accomplished! Next, composite decking.  Ordered and should arrive Friday.

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