Monday, May 13, 2013


There was a flash and a little set back in the EV project this week. My attempt to go cheep on the DC to DC converter was soundly rewarded. Things were working just fine with the vacuum pump as the load (9.5 amps) but then when I add the headlights and tail lights (10 amps) to the load, Zzzzzap! Out went the fuse in the converter circuit. Hoping that it was just a load issue I turned off the headlights and tried another fuse. Zzzzzap again. Oh oh this could be trouble and after removing the converter from the circuit and testing it my worst fears were confirmed. The converter was fried. You can see the diode in the lower right corner and there was more damage in other areas.

I had read about the "short" comings of low cost DC to DC converters in the builders manual and now received a lesson. The cost of this education $100.  New $350 converter on order from the EV building experts at Electro Automotive. Live and learn.

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