Friday, May 3, 2013

Batteries not included

Buying these battery cable ends for the EV conversion project reminded me of the old days when you would buy an electronic product and after taking it out of the package to try it only to find out that the batteries were not included!

I thought those days were long gone and over but to my surprise when I went to my local implement dealer and asked him for a straight, 00,  positive and negative crimp on battery cable ends I was surprised to see they came without bolts. When I asked him if they came with bolts he said, "no they're separate." I said I needed them so he went back into the stockroom and got two. That was only part of the surprise. Then I saw the price! Gees, imagine doing a new conversion and getting these for 16 batteries. I had the 00 wire and shrink tube. Yeks!

So now it is on to the wiring. First the low amperage wiring. Tricky.
 This will be all the components that will be run off the 12 volt DC supply. Because the Caravan has power brakes I will need a vacuum pump and as an up grade to this conversion I will be adding a DC to DC converter from the 96 volt pack to reduce the load on the 12 battery.

Pictured above is just a test run using jumper wires for the circuit that will run the vacuum pump. Boy this is going to be a puzzler for sure.

Next will be the high amperage circuit wiring.
This will hook up the 96 volt traction battery pack to the drive motor and controls. Where's that darn EASY button when you need it?

 Since the vacuum pump and reservoir had to be mounted in the Caravans original battery box I had to build another battery holder and mount it. For now I am using a smaller 12 volt gel cell to see how it works.

Following good safety practices I have installed a fan and vent pipe in the battery box to remove any hydrogen gases given off during charging of the pack.

And so it goes. Slow but steady progress.

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