Monday, January 7, 2013

New year new project

The EV (Electric Vehicle) conversion or more accurately stated my re-conversion.

The white 1980 Dodge Omni on the right was my first "road worthy" EV project. Long story short, the uni-body frame of the Omni has rusted out to the point where the rear wheels were starting to rub on the wheel wells. It would only be a matter of time or pothole before one broke off and I would have been in a real fix then. So two years ago I parked it and began looking for a replacement vehicle that I could transplant the Omni EV components into. Along came the nice 2001 Dodge Caravan on the left for $200! I went to work removing the engine and all other non EV needed parts. Then I let it sit as I mulled over the considerable engineering task this was going to be.

So now in 2013 my odyssey begins. Over the next few months I will post the many trials and tribulations that will be encountered along the way as well as stories of lessons learned from my early days reading Mother Earth News and experiments with EV building in the 70's! Follow along and joy the ride.

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