Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh Wow!

After considerable thought I have decided to go with  a metal roof. The metal roof will be less costly, require less labor and perform better in my wooded location. I had enough 2x4 material on hand for the perlins so it was a go.

 First order of business was to close in the gable ends. In this way I could cut the notches where the perlins would extend for the rake overhang to fit nicely. Note: if you look down the peg line in the top right chord you can see the camber of the truss.


Ramps and a floor.

Ready for steel.

Starting in the center and working toward the ends because of the camber in the trusses.

One fine looking bridge if I do say so myself.

 Portal view at night.

Even installed some lights to make the bridge glow at night. These will be run by some solar panels from an old system that I have.  Like I told my students, "Crossing a bridge in your future will be a bit easier after you have built one or two."

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