Monday, July 2, 2012

Superior method

Without a doubt laying the lattice out in place and then cutting them is a superior method compared to the way carpenters cut roof rafters. A pattern is still layed out and used though.

In this picture you can see the knots in the chord and lattice piece. Taking advantage of the extra length of the lattice this piece can be slid down and the knot in the lattice be placed below the chord.

With all the first layer of lattice in place now the pattern can be used to layout the length and angles. This method was very organized and efficient as each set of tasks were completed in groups, placing lattice, adjusting for knots, tracing pattern, cutting angles. Saved a lot of time and handling.

Second layer of lattice applied and cut the same way. Good days work!

90 clamps latter and truss number one is coming along nicely. Soon I will have to shift gears and start the cribbing prep work at the site.

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