Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let the Cribbing and reassembly begin

My work has changed to site preparation with the setting up of the cribs that will support the butt ends of the truss chords. This requires careful consideration for where the butt joint will be located and where the gin poles for the lift will be placed. The crib material must not get in the way and allow the gin pole to lean forward during the lift. I missed this fine point on the South Wayne bridge and had to make some adjustments after the truss was assembled.

 In this picture you can see the 3" thick slab of Locast that is placed on the top of each abutment pier. This will help hopefully protect the pine wood of the bottom chord from wicking up moisture from the cement. The cribbing must be placed level and to the correct height to support the truss layers as they are reassembled.

First layer "flipped" and loaded onto the truck. That's a 20'   2x12 hanging out there so I gave it some support with a scaffold brace.

I say "flipped" because if you have been following the construction you will notice that the top chord is to the right now. Because of the knee brace cleat and seat on each truss there is an inside and outside to each truss. Also as the 6 layers were stacked A, B, 3, 4, C, D during layout and the process was reversed for reassembly at the site. This reduced material handling.  Any questions? Very tricky but good mind exercise.

Layers D and C in place and ready to be pinned together with the 4" pins. You can see that pesky seat that the braces from the roof trusses will be attached to latter during roof truss placement.

Things are moving along very nicely. You can see web layers 4 and 3 have been added. With each layer a 2" longer pin was used to attach the lattice. At this point in each group of three chord holes there is a temporary 4", 6" and 8" pin holding the layers together. When the next chord layer (B) is added a 10" pin will be  driven into the hole above the 4" pin, driving it out.  For the final layer (A) a 14" pin will be driven into the hole above the 6" pin and then a 14" pin above the 8" pin and so on to finish the reassembly of the cambered Town lattice truss.

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