Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The things people throw away!

Here is a picture of what has been serving as a table in the cabin while I am building the Lamont Recycle Cabin. Two 3"x10" planks on a couple of nail kegs. Now this was doing the job just fine until someone threw away this...
 A fine Sears Craftsman 10" Radial Arm saw. Believe it or not, this was in the dumpster! Thanks to friend John for giving me a heads up on this last Saturday. John, a cabin builder and like minded thinker just hates to see things like this go to waste. Since John already had one he thought of me. So my son-in-law and I went over and picked it out of the dumpster. Now the news only gets better. Come to find out there has been a safety recall ( of these saws by the manufacturer, Emerson Tool Company and they are offering a free safety kit up grade! The kit consists of a lower guard, new handle with guard lift lever, upper blade guard with rear exhaust and new table. Wow.

So how could I apply my "new" tool? A table up grade for the cabin would do the trick. Something with Mortise and Tenon joints where the "new" saw could be set to make the shoulder cuts.

Made out of home sawn 4"x 6" Oak it would be a solid, rustic, heavy brute. Furniture you can put your feet on!

Should finish up the other leg and stretcher with tapered wedges to lock them together in a few days. I'll post the finished table when I get it done.

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