Friday, December 9, 2011

All decked out...

Had a few nice days and got all the floor joists notched into the center beam and rim joists. Using 4x6's two feet on center for floor joists is over kill but made good use of the salvaged timber.
Five down and five to go. The pockets have been cut and next the joists will be cut to length and notched to fit.  The center beam was placed 8' from the edge so full length sheets of plywood flooring would fit.
And there you have it. The porch in front will be decked with 2x6 Oak so the spacing there for joists will be 1/3 of the 14' span and only require 2 joists. Next will be placing the door frames and then I can get down to the real business of log cutting.
Can't say it is all work. Here is the view from inside the cabin out on the work site. Pretty relaxed pace and plenty of time to warm up, drink coffee and think. Maybe even an afternoon nap!

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