Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Takes a Village to...

What has 2 really nice fenced in baseball fields with electronic scoreboards, basketball courts with glass backboards, volleyball courts, a massive kids play facility, trees and flower plantings along a 1/8 mile cement walking pathway, with soon to come shelter house, restrooms, gazebo and 32' Town Lattice Truss covered bridge connecting this recreational park to the local high school? If you guessed the park in the Village of South Wayne you are correct. I am amazed at what the community development group and local volunteers are doing and have accomplished. If you haven't been there here are some pictures. It is something to see and enjoy.

All of this comes from the tireless efforts over the past several years of the committee's and many volunteers involved in the different projects.  Another example effort and community spirit is demonstrated by the work being done by Ace Concrete a local Village of South Wayne business.

Here you can see the work they are doing in forming up the abutments for the South Wayne Bridge Project.
 The picture above shows the view as seen coming from the recreational area looking at the Black Hawk school and track area. When finished this bridge will literally be a connection between the Community and the School.  BHS students Bruce, Alex and other volunteers will be shining examples of how that educating a child and "Whole Village..." thing actually works.

Puzzler - Calculate the number of cubic yards of concrete in the abutments and footing piers. Abutment -  dimensions two at  2' x 4' x 10'     Piers  - 8 at  1' diameter and 4' long.

Tech Vocab - Cement - Concrete - Footing - "Blow-out" - Approach - Cubic yard - Panel Forms

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