Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Before and After...

It was a nice day Sunday and Alex made the best of it. We got more material to work with.

Nice load of green, rough sawn pine 1x6's and 2x6's 
Alex and Bruce know what it takes to turn a pile of material like this into the Roof Trusses and Lateral Braces for a bridge. Better yet, they can do it! Later I will be having the guys do some reverse engineering when they make a 3/8 scale model of one of these roof rafters using the framing square.

Alex also took a turn at rigging the second Lifting Yoke and Ginpole on the 3/8 scale model. Tricky business, but now he understands more about the thinking that goes into a major project like this.

Puzzler - How long of a Ginpole will be needed? How long of a rope will be needed to rig the Ginpoles?

Tech Vocab - Cleat and Seat - Knee Brace

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