Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I want the double wide Sub-Zero refrigerator...

Did anyone see the movie, Sleepless In Seattle?

When the South Wayne group told me they wanted to change the roofing for their bridge from Steel to Cedar Shakes a scene from that movie flashed through my mind.  Remember in the movie, when the home owner came in and told builders, Rob Reiner and Tom Hanks, that she had changed her mind and wanted the double wide Sub-Zero refrigerator in her kitchen!! Reiner takes his tape measure across the opening, looks at Hanks and says, "You know what this means! We'll have to move the wall." Hanks, the architect, jumps in with, "It's a bearing wall so we'll have to change the living room." Looking at each other they both say, "That means the front of the house has to be pushed out, changing the roof... "

For sure, changing the roof material from Steel to Cedar Shakes will require some considerable changes. I'll call it the "Sub-Zero Effect".

Example of a Hand Split Cedar Shake roof

The answer to the last Puzzler - What changes will be involved to change roofing from Steel to Cedar Shakes? In a nut shell...

1. Add four Intermediate Primary Roof Rafters to reduce the span between rafters to 4' O.C.
2. 2x4 Purlins will be changed to 8' and mounted over Intermediate rafters & between Primary Rafters.
3. 1/2" CDX plywood sheathing will be added to the roof.
4. Tar paper for underlayment and interlayment will be added.
5. Stainless steel 6d box nails will be needed to attach the cedar shakes.
6. Change the 'cut list' for materials from the sawmill.
7. Find suppliers for Cedar Shakes and Stainless Steel 6d nails.
8. Heavy - #1 Grade 18" long 3/4" hand split/resawn Cedar Shakes will be used.
9. Starter and Ridge Cap Cedar Shakes will be added.
10. Change materials cost spread sheet.
11. Learn about Cedar Shakes and how to install them.

This change to cedar shakes adds significant labor, plus some cost and weight to the bridge project. I believe, however,  in the long run will be well worth while. Plus, the opportunity for some "serious new learning fun" has begun, the "Sub-Zero Effect" is welcomed.

Puzzler - Just what kinds of things might a person learn in this Cedar Shake change over process?

Tech Vocab - Froe

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