Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Good Day of Work

Alex and Bruce have been busy at school this past week and got a "pile" of work done. They took apart the .60 scale assembly test model of the bridge so that we could bring it back to Darlington. They also finished up the Buttons that will be used to attach the roof and floor to the bridge trusses. They also cut and drilled the 2x3 Oak material that will be used for clamps (pictured below) during the assembly of the trusses.

I loaded up the trailer and took the Roof Rafter assemblies Alex put together last week and hauled them to be finish coated and stored at the South Wayne Co-Op. Alex came back to Darlington for the afternoon and we went through the work that he and Bruce could work on this week, cutting Floor Joists and threaded rod for the clamps.

Did not take Alex long to get the hang of it and here you can see how he has drilled the holes for the Tie-rods and Rabeted  the bottoms of the Floor Joists where they will sit on the lower truss chords. Very important that the top edges are all level to keep the 1.5" x 6" Deck Boards even.  Alex and Bruce will finish up the rest of the Floor Joists in Ag Shop class at South Wayne this week.

Puzzler - Can you explain how and what each different size clamp (shown in the picture above) will be used for when the trusses are being assembled? Note: I have placed clamps that were used in building the 3/8 scale model truss earlier in the process for comparison.  

Tech Vocab - Rabet - Drill Guide - Milwaukee Hole Hawg - Shoulder

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