Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There"s so much more to it...

I like to tell the students. "Crossing a bridge in your future will be a bit easier after you have built one or two." Not sure that it sinks in right away but nothing beats doing it to bring the point into focus. Now we are getting into the cutting of Roof Rafter parts. One must become aware of the variations in width and thickness of rough sawn lumber. This will require careful selection and matching of the individual rafter pieces to produce good fitting joints and insure their strength. Once they are fitted and assembled they will need to be marked so when reassembled on the bridge in South Wayne there is no mix-up.

Puzzler - What Business Class Skills will come in handy during the building of a bridge? Why?

Tech Vocab -      =sum( cell+cell... )     Column     Cell    Row

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